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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Who else thinks iCarly is stupid

This will make 12 y-o girls that like iCarly cry.
Here is my review - First of all, the show is unrealistic. How could 3 pubescent kids make a webcast and get over 1 million views in one day? Even Fred didn't get 1 million views in one day, just like Rome wasn't built in a day. Spencer art is butt ugly, and I do not know how he can even get jobs. The acting is horrible, and I hate how the show is written. They put emphasis on all the words, or they yell them in weird manners, or they just repeat them, REPEAT THEM!!!! Another thing that bugs me is that they use a a laugh track, the show doesn't have a real audience. And they play the laugh track constantly, like they need to remind us to laugh, even though the show isn't funny. The characters are stupid. They are in what, 8th grade, and they don't even know what an ostrich or caviar is? This show isn't good to show to little kids, under 6, because the characters are rude, ruthless, and disobedient. They are a bad influence on kids. The last thing I have to say is that the music is annoying. During some scenes where something is awkward, they play that annoying drum music, with the chinging noises or the scratches of the guitar. Overall, this show sucks and should be cancelled. Bring back Invader Zim, Teenage Robot, Kenan and Kel, Amanda Show, All That, anything besides this ****.

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