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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Does anyone else notice how spongebob is sometimes walking around in his underwear? no offense spongebob but your a whore! and put on a shirt or something to cover up all your holes for god sake!
why do you annoy squidward all the time? are you coming on to him or something? ohh spongebob hes way out of your leage ;) leave a comment telling spongebob to cover up


the fags on the jersey shore are just a bunch of guidos. that isnt racism it is the truth.theyre a bunch of low lives who just happen to be italian americans. why would they even be allowed to go to italy? alot of italian americans just give a bad name to the true americans. like how they act like complete assholes. i really hate how they try to copy everything that the black guys do. i laugh when i see a guido with ear rings, pants on the ground, and saying bro nonstop. i just wanna say "stop acting like such fags, trying to look cool, and please try to fit in with society!" but im not going to do that because the guido would say bro ill break yo jaw bro. and then ill end up knocking him out and get arrested. please leave a comment pleading to not go guido :)



  • Clapping – Americans clap at the movies whenever something good happens, and on planes whenever the plane lands. WHY! Thousands of planes land every day without incident, and given the idiocy of airport security, lines, delays and all the other crap that makes flying a more frustrating experience than it would otherwise have to be, what is there to clap about? If disaster were averted or someone gave birth or something I could understand it, but just for landing? So what about at the cinemas? I get being engaged in the film, but why feel the need to clap everytime a superhero beats down a villain or a criminal is found and brought to justice? Why stand up and clap at the end of the movie? Who do they think is listening? Is it to let other people in the cinema know? It doesn’t make any sense, and it can be quite annoying if you are not one of the movie clappers and are engrossed in the movie, only to have your concentration disrupted by idiotic clapping. Case in point I saw Avatar yesterday and was quite enjoying it, however some college aged girl decided to clap every time the humans took a hit. I instinctively looked each time to see what was going on, and it is quite annoying being taken out of the moment like that. At least it wasn’t the whole cinema.
  • Claiming a false nationality – I talk of course of the tendency some Americans have to claim to be Irish or Greek or Russian just because their uncle had a friend whose dog who lived in a different country for a short amount of time. It’s a pretty simple thing, if you have never been to a country, if your parents or grandparents are not from that country, then you are clearly not from that country. I have no problem with people claiming heritage…but to actually identify as a dual nationality? It was hilarious to see the reactions of people in Ireland to the Americans that came over and said they were Irish and it was good to be home (to a place they had never been). Yoi.
  • Thinking all of the US is like a particular state – Far too many Americans think that their state is representative of the entire US. As someone who has traveled quite a bit around the US, this just gets annoying. The US is a diverse place, with the south, east and west coasts all being quite distinct and having unique charms and customs. Surely growing up in the US people would realize this at least from TV, but apparently not. Examples might be arguing that a particular word or phrase is not common in the US at all, when it may be quite common in a different region. Another example may be thinking that all states have the same type of Government, such as thinking all judges and state attorneys are directly elected whereas in some states they are appointed. It’s worse when they take it to the next level, saying that because America is a democracy all judges and state attorneys are required to be directly elected. Yoi.
  • Another stupid thing Americans do, and this is actually the most annoying so far. I met an American guy in Costa Rica who was convinced that Americans do not have accents, and that the rest of the world just speaks differently or incorrectly. Really? The fact that Americans sound distinctly different from other countries means that they have an accent, regardless. Whether or not is an accent that tends to enunciate clearly on a regular basis is a different subject altogether.
  • Continuing on with the accent thing, while in Las Vegas I met a few people who consider a non US accent to be incorrect, as simple as that. Despite the fact that a west coast accent does not pronounce many words correctly, these people consider any other accent…British, South African, Dutch, Australian etc to be incorrect. I can’t get over such ignorance and flawed reasoning. The US has quite a bit of regional variation in accents, so I don’t understand how anyone can just consider the “American” accent correct. Would these people really consider a very clearly spoken British accent, that enunciates everything clearly to be more incorrect than a thick redneck southern accent?
  • One thing Americans do is try to explain to me things about the US. I don’t know if this is stupid, so much as arrogant. I understand when someone visits a country, the locals may try to tell them things about their country. It is only in the US where I feel this is done in a (unintentionally) patronizing way. I’ve been in the US probably 2 years in total, and seen quite a bit of the country. It isn’t that different from other western countries, at least not drastically. Yet many Americans I meet are surprised to learn we get American movies overseas, or feel the need to explain the idea behinds states, or feel the need to explain Mexican food as though it’s only eaten in the US. I know they are trying to be helpful, but good god it’s annoying.
  • This one is really minor, and hardly applies to Americans in any significant number, still I thought it was interesting. I’ve heard quite a few people reject the term “Native Americans” on the basis that “America did not exist until 1776″, so they should be called simply natives or whatever term they prefer. Do these guys really not know the difference between the Americas and the United States of America? Sheesh.
This concludes my list of stupid things Americans do. At least until I think of things to add. I should point out I have nothing against the US or Americans at all, I just noted these particular behaviors to be quite annoying, and interesting because they seemed quite unique. I would be interested if people would share any equivalent stupid things from other countries.


i honestly cant eat capn crunch any more. this cereal just is gay. whenever i read the oops part on the box i think of a gay guy saying "OOPS" in a really gay voice. something about this cereal just makes me feel like the capn is gonna rape me. some folks have even said they have been woken up by the cereal box sneaking into their room in the middle of the night. i suggest not buying this new cereal unless you wanna get raped by capn crunch.


Who else thinks iCarly is stupid

This will make 12 y-o girls that like iCarly cry.
Here is my review - First of all, the show is unrealistic. How could 3 pubescent kids make a webcast and get over 1 million views in one day? Even Fred didn't get 1 million views in one day, just like Rome wasn't built in a day. Spencer art is butt ugly, and I do not know how he can even get jobs. The acting is horrible, and I hate how the show is written. They put emphasis on all the words, or they yell them in weird manners, or they just repeat them, REPEAT THEM!!!! Another thing that bugs me is that they use a a laugh track, the show doesn't have a real audience. And they play the laugh track constantly, like they need to remind us to laugh, even though the show isn't funny. The characters are stupid. They are in what, 8th grade, and they don't even know what an ostrich or caviar is? This show isn't good to show to little kids, under 6, because the characters are rude, ruthless, and disobedient. They are a bad influence on kids. The last thing I have to say is that the music is annoying. During some scenes where something is awkward, they play that annoying drum music, with the chinging noises or the scratches of the guitar. Overall, this show sucks and should be cancelled. Bring back Invader Zim, Teenage Robot, Kenan and Kel, Amanda Show, All That, anything besides this ****.